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Coolife 2021 Featured Trail Camera

Coolife Trail Camera H953
The H953 wildlife camera has been developed in 2020. It can take ultra-high-resolution photos with 20 MP and video at 2.7 K / 1520 P. With an ultra-clear sound recording and a 2.4-inch LCD screen, every moment taken by the H953 wildlife camera can be displayed more vivid and clearer.
20 MP image resolution
2.7 K / 1520 P video resolution
35/25 m trigger distance
0.1s trigger speed
Coolife Trail Camera H881
21MP and 1080P HD ultra-high resolution deliver stunning vibrant images and clear audible videos, trail camera built-in 2.4 inches 960P LCD color screen, it moves you closer to watch wildlife.
21 MP image resolution
1080P video resolution
120° Wide Angle Lens
0.2s trigger speed
Coolife Hapimp Night Vision Binocular NV3180
Other night vision goggles can only deliver 960P video resolution while HAPIMP night vision goggles can provide you with a 1920x1080P video experience, you can enjoy clearer, more detailed, authentic, and impressive content when you use them day and night.
1080P FHD Night Vision Goggles
Clear Night Vision in 100% Darkness
All-Optical Binoculars System
Waterproof in Multiple Application Scenes
Authentic Reviews From Customers
    It is well worth the money because of the picture quality and configuration settings. It takes a little trial and error to figure out the proper delay settings. The great thing is the test mode, so you can check out the settings and locations. The night vision is above average and the housing is rugged and waterproof. It takes 8 AA batteries so I plan to get a solar external power source to supplement the batteries.

    Pros: Multiple resolutions settings (for both day and night), excellent picture quality, video capture, handles 512 Gb SD cards, motion detection delays, good range on motion detection, test mode, video and picture review on the camera.

    Cons: More costly than some other trail cameras
    I bought the camera in September and used it for getting pictures of wildlife in the garden, particularly at night. I was surprised that an area of the garden that clearly sees some activity didn't result in any footage whatsoever except for the neighbour's cat when he was up very close!
    Andrea sar
    Diese Kamera ist wirklich toll. Wir haben sie für den Garten gekauft. Wollten schauen, was nachts so unterwegs ist. Leider hat sich noch kein Tier vor der Linse gezeigt, so dass wir hier nur ein Tag- und ein Nachtbild vom Grundstück einstellen.
    In Bezug auf die Auflösung wurde unsere Erwartung mehr als erfüllt. Auch bei einer Entfernung bis zu 25 m ist die Qualität echt super. Das Bild ist gestochen scharf.
    Im Lieferumfang ist alles wichtige enthalten, SD Karte, Kabel, Befestigungsgurt sowie Bedienungsanleitung. Nur die Batterien werden noch benötigt.
    Die Bedienung ist einfach und verständlich. Es gibt verschiedene Modi, es können Fotos gemacht werden, aber auch Videos.
    Das Preis-Leistungsverhältnis ist sehr gut. 👍
    Les images de jour sont de très bonne qualité, les images de nuit sont tout à fait satisfaisantes. Le déclenchement se fait rapidement (contrairement aux modèles dont je disposais jusqu'à présent...). La couleur et les motifs du boitier le rendent très discret dans un environnement forestier. Les menus sont clairs et je n'ai rencontré aucun bug à l'utilisation. il est possible de verrouiller le boitier avec un cadenas (indispensable pour moi).
    Très bon rapport qualité/prix !
    I bought the camera trap a little out of whim and curiosity, being passionate about photography. Camera trapping is a technique in itself and very interesting, and you need good equipment and a lot of time to get results. It can be set to operate in certain time slots so as not to unnecessarily consume memory and battery. The motion sensors are perfect and do not miss a shot !! The videos go up to 4k in daytime, and in Fhd for night vision which is very interesting. The viewing angle is exaggeratedly useful (130 °) and takes up a lot of field of view. The camera has a classic tripod mount and a jack for external power (so as to connect an additional power source and make the battery eternal. The machine is waterproof and watertight. The camera also has a microphone, which although slightly muffled (given by the pond system of the room) it is very interesting to hear the sounds of the animals and have an "extra sense".
    Dal ricevimento della merce fino ad oggi,Da qualche tempo,Ho l’impressione che la qualità dei prodotti non sia male. Le foto scattate erano chiare. Gli animali sono lontani,Le macchine sono in grado di induzione. Ha due telecamere,Un lavoro diurno e uno notturno. Tutti i parametri funzionali possono essere modificati. E’ anche impermeabile,Io non ho avuto il coraggio di provarci. Le fattorie di controllo sono utili. Anche interessante.
    Sergio Vicenzino
    Die Nachtbilder sind gut genug, um Tiere individuell zu unterscheiden. Tiere, die weiter entfernt sind sind etwas dunkler, dafür sind die Nahaufnahmen nicht überbelichtet.
    Auf dem 32 Gbit Chip passen fast 3000 Bilder (mittelgroß) oder ca. 800 "20sec Video+ 3 Bilder" Serien. Die 8 Batterien hielten bei Temperaturen um den Gefrierpunkt mehrere Wochen - wenn wenig los war.
    Probleme gab es bei klarem Himmel im Wald: Offenbar reagiert die Kamera sehr empfindlich, schon der Schattenspiel der Wolken auf dem Waldboden löste sie aus und ballerte innerhalb von einem Tag die Speicherkarte voll. Die Zeitschaltuhr löst das Problem, aber da bin ich noch am Testen.
    Edit Spielmann
    I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the image. A big advantage too is that it is very light and small. The size is minimal, practical on the go, when you have a lot of gear already. It is not very energy-consuming, the batteries held up well despite the cold.
    Eckhardt Sylvain