Differentiation and Innovation and Upgrading

The COOLIFE brand of trail cameras has been deeply involved in the European market for many years, and has developed a variety of products that meet customer needs based on the terrain, climate and application scenarios of different regions.

Model:Coolife PH700A / Coolife H881 / Coolife H881 PLUS / Coolife H881 WIFI / Coolife H953 / Coolife H8201.

As a new and upgraded product line, COOLIFEPRO brand trail cameras are based on the US market's emphasis on cost-effectiveness. According to the terrain and climate of North America and the different shopping habits of customers, cost-effective products with high parameters and low consumption have been developed and are being continuously updated.

Model:Coolifepro SV-TCQ / Coolifepro PH830.

HAPIMP brand trail cameras are based on ultra-high-definition 4K cameras and have extensively developed a variety of high-precision trail cameras. Currently, the brand has launched cameras that support WIFI connection and is actively develop new products with more advanced connectivity features. By constantly pursuing technological innovation, Hapimp is committed to providing users with a more advanced and convenient trail camera experience.

Model:Hapimp 5s / Hapimp PH810W / Hapimp 8D.



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In addition to Coolifepro.com, you can also buy our authentic trail cameras at Amazon.de, Amazon.fr, Amazon.it Amazon.es , Amazon.uk (and Amazon sites in other European countries) and Cdiscount.fr.

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