Coolife was established in 1998, specializing in the research and development, production, sales, and service of outdoor sports and photography products.
The headquarters of Coolife is located in Italy, covering an area of approximately 300,000 square meters. We have a skilled and innovative team, currently employing 4,000 staff members, with 10% being technical research and development personnel.

Since 2005, Coolife's business has expanded, and our products are now exported to more than 50 countries and regions.

The company currently owns the independent brands Coolifepro, Coolife, and hapimp.

Environmental Protection

Coolife actively embraces environmental protection principles, recognizing the importance of preserving nature for hunting and ecological balance.
Therefore, our hunting cameras feature a low-power design to extend battery life, reduce energy consumption, and contribute to environmental conservation through tangible actions.

We also advocate for a green hunting culture, encouraging customers to choose legal and ethical hunting methods, respecting the ecological needs of wildlife, and promoting harmonious coexistence with nature.

Advanced Technology

Coolife's series of trail cameras integrate advanced technology with innovative design to meet the diverse needs of different hunting scenarios. Our products feature high-resolution lenses, intelligent motion sensing triggers, night vision capabilities, and long-lasting battery life, ensuring the capture of clear, high-quality images and videos in various challenging conditions.

Our technical team continually explores new technologies and enhances product performance, ensuring that our hunting cameras consistently maintain a leading position in the industry. We adhere to the development principle of "technological leadership, reliable quality," providing customers with an unparalleled user experience.