Different Infrared Lamps: What’s the Difference Between 940nm and 850nm


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Hunting cameras use two main wavelengths for their infrared lights: 940 nanometers (nm) and 850 nanometers (nm). There are some differences between these two:

Spectral Visibility:

  • 940nm: The wavelength of the infrared lights is 940nm, which is nearly imperceptible to the human eye. This type of infrared light is almost invisible to both animals and humans, making it more discreet during use.


  • 850nm: In the spectrum generated by 850nm infrared lights, there is a small portion of visible light, possibly appearing as a faint red glow. Although this visible light is very faint, it might be detected by sharp-eyed animals or observers in extremely dark conditions.


    Detection Range:

    • 940nm: Due to its longer wavelength, the 940nm infrared light may have better penetration in the air under certain conditions, potentially resulting in a longer detection range in some scenarios.


    • 850nm: Despite its shorter wavelength, 850nm infrared lights typically provide a brighter infrared illumination, aiding in capturing clearer images at shorter distances.


      Battery Life:

      • 940nm: Generating less heat during operation, the 940nm infrared lights may have a smaller impact on the camera's battery life.


      • 850nm: Because of the higher amount of visible light produced, 850nm infrared lights may consume more power during operation, potentially reducing the camera's battery life.


        Considering these factors, the choice between 940nm and 850nm infrared lights often depends on the specific usage scenario and personal preferences. If discreet operation is a priority, 940nm may be the preferred choice. If brightness and visibility of images are crucial, 850nm might be more suitable for your needs.


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